How many times didn’t we play as Mario and saved the princess? All we wanted was to save the princess and collect coins.

This time it is not about Mario, but all about you! You are the Retro hero that not only have to save the princess, but also get rich!

You start with few lives and bullets and need to save all the princesses. You can collect coins to buy items and unlock treasures. But be aware! If you spent too much money then you will not make it on the online high score list. But if you choose to be too cheap and don’t kill enough enemies, you also will not make it in the online high score list. So spent only when it is necessary and don’t waste your ammo!

If you don’t care about the online high score list, then you will be happy by blowing up the enemies the way you like !


Version 1.3

    • Game state will not be lost when game loses focus(reading message, answering a call).
    • Hit indicator
    • After upgrade to full version there will be no need for replaying level 2 but instead the game will continue at level 3.
    • Fall range increased.
    • Small menu change, continue button will be gray if there is no save game.

Version 1.2

      • Levels modified. Now after each 2 levels there will be a shop to buy items.
      • Highscore bug fixed.

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Retro Hero! (2nd trailer)

New short trailer with more gameplay. Enjoy!


“a game which is playable and enjoyable time and time again.” –

“It certainly looks like the kind of platforming misadventure that would keep us occupied” –

“It is through this series showed that they understand what’s going on in retro games” –

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