Retro Warefare 2 for Android

Are you looking for the new Flappy Bird game or having that nostalgia for the old times of Maria and Megaman? You are on the right place now, Trytek develops retro platform games that that let you revive the old days and turn you mobile phone into a retro controller. Over the past few years Trytek released some high rated retro games for Windows Phone.

To release these games Trytek developed a fast and robust game engine in c#. Three years after the release of our first games Xamarin ( enables us to port our games fo Android. Last week we have released Retro Warefare 2 for android. You can download the free version of this simple but high rated game at Google Play.

Tom Dawson of AndroidHeadlines says:

Very challenging at times, which is nice for those older gamers fed up of the flashy games that are over too quickly.

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